Jennie Goldstein "Dance History in Contemporary Visual Art Practice"

Alicia Ritson "Squaring the Circle"

Feli Schindler "Im dadaistischen Schwarzwald"

Leora Morinis "Sometimes a Person and Sometimes a Concept"

Joanna Fiduccia "Coquilles Mecaniques"

Betti-Sue Hertz "Tableuax Vivant: In the New Theatricality"

Raphael Gygax and Heike Munder "Between Zones"

Joanna Fiduccia "Composing Movements"

Fionn Meade "Kelly Nipper"

David Velasco and Kelly Nipper "1000 Words: Kelly Nipper"

Jenelle Porter "Dance with Camera: Body"

RoseLee Goldberg "Floyd on the Floor"

Marcia Vetroq "Performance: Everywhere and All at Once"

Claudia LaRocco "Love Takes a Tumble Amid a Brewing Storm"

Gloria Sutton "Kelly Nipper"

Toby Kamps "Perspectives 158: Kelly Nipper"

Gloria Sutton "Kelly Nipper"

Holly Meyers "Mesmerized by Two Strangers"

Irene Hoffman "Kelly Nipper"

Russell Ferguson "Kelly Nipper: Test Patterns"

Karen Moss "2 Artists in 3 Takes: Sharon Lockhart + Kelly Nipper"